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International Broadband Technologies - Suppliers of Headend electronics, Optical Transmitter, Amplifiers, Filters, Passives,
We have 10 years experience in this market. We are familiar with most manufacturers in this field. We can compare products and we can recommend products to your existing or new cable system.

BUSINESS: Company is known as IBT. Milton Araujo is your agent in the United States.
We will quote and deliver your next order. We will contact most manufacturers and distributors for you. We will purchase what you need and
we will ship it to your freight forwarder. It is the same as having an agent in the United States who will do all the shopping for you.

PRODUCTS: IBT in not a manufacturer. We are purchasing agents who will receive your quote solicitation and turn it into an order, gathering all of what you need in just one place. IBT will work with lead manufacturers in the Industry to obtain the best product available. We will purchase Cable
Modems from cable companies that have overstocked them, and we will sell it to you with a low profit. Our goal is to save you a trip to the United States.

LOCATIONS: IBT has its corporate headquarters in Lake Worth, Florida,

EMPLOYEES: IBT has specialists in technical sales.

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International Broadband Technologies
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