The PDI-50121CM is a space saving, fixed channel modulator system. It consists of 12 individual, vertically mounted, fixed frequency modulators and an efficient switching type power supply module mounted in one 3-1/2" high housing. It is designed for 19" rack mounting. Each modulator is SAW filtered and is factory set to the desired channel and proper offset. Precise frequency is maintained with PLL circuitry. Recessed front panel controls are preset, at the factory, for 87.5% depth of modulation, ±25kHz audio deviation, and -15dBc video audio ratio. RF is set at maximum. It offers excellent video performance and high reliability in a 2U rack.

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+45dBmV output with very low spurious response
Quantity :
$129.00 PER UNIT
Precise frequency control with PLL circuitry
Easy setup
SAW filtering for true adjacent channel operation
BTSC stereo compatible
Frequency Range: 54 to 750MHz
Channels VHF, CATV (STD, HRC)
Output Level +45dBmV
Output Impedance 75 ohms
Audio/Video Ratio Adjustable -12 to -20dBc
Frequency Stability ±5kHz
Spurious Outputs >-60dBc (A/V ratio at -15dBc)
Out of Band Noise -90dBc
In Band C/N Ratio >60dB
Input Level 0.8 to 1.2 Vp-p for 87.5% Voltage 120Vac, 60Hz
Frequency Response <±1.5dB (30Hz to 4.2MHz)
Differential Gain 4%
Differential Phase <4 degrees
Chroma/Luminance Delay Meets FCC group delay
Input Level 0.75Vp-p for 25kHz deviation
Input Impedance 20 Kohms unbalanced
Frequency Response ±1.0dB reference to standard 75us pre-enphasis, NTSC
Frequency Stability ±5kHz
AC Line and Power 85 - 265 Vac, 60Hz, 25 Watts
Operating Temperature -10deg. C to +50deg. C
Dimensions 19 L x 7 3/4 x 3 1/2
Weight 18 pounds
Fittings Video Input "F"
RF Output "F"
Audio Input "RCA"
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