The PDI-5061M is a space saving, user friendly, 132 channel, frequency agile modulator systems. It consists of 6 individual, vertically mounted, agile modulators, an efficient switching type power supply module and a micro controller module in one 5-1/4 high housing. Each modulator is SAW filtered and provides precise channel selection for all VHF and cable channels from channel 2 through 134 (54-860MHz) including A-1 to A-5. Channel selection is easily accomplished with up/down push switches from the front panel of the micro controller. The number is displayed simultaneously on the micro controller LCD screen and on the modulator module 7 element LED. Additional adjustments for depth of modulation, audio deviation and audio to video ratio for each modulator are read on an LCD screen with an N (normal), L (low) and H (high). This allows easy setup by the technician without expensive test equipment.. The micro controller also allows easy selection of HRC, IRC or STANDARD and 0, 12.5 and 25kHz offsets with the front panel push switches. Channel selections are protected by a non-volatile memory that restores the channel automatically in the event of a power failure. A composite IF loop is provided for scrambling or EAS operation.

$395.00 per Unit - *Plus Shipping/ Handling
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+45dBmV output with very low spurious response
Quantity :
$395.00 PER UNIT
Microprocessor controlled PLL tuning for precise frequency control
User friendly setup because of internal test circuitry which constantly monitors modulator operating parameters and displays results on the LCD screen
Non-volatile channel memory
Professional grade SAW filters for true adjacent channel operation
Composite IF loop-through for scrambling or EAS insertion
BTSC stereo compatible
ISO 9002 certified
BTSC stereo generator built in, PDI-5061MS model ONLY!
Also Available In All PAL Configurations
UL listed Canada/U.S.
Frequency Range: 54 to 860MHz
Channels CATV (STD, HRC, IRC)
Output Level +45dBmV
Output Impedance 75ohms
Audio/Video Ratio Adjustable -10 to -30dBc
Frequency Stability +5kHz
Spurious Outputs > -60dBc (A/V ratio at -15dBc)
Out of Band Noise -80dBc (-100dBc w/BPF)
Input Level 0.8V to 1.2V p-p for 87.5% modulation
Frequency Response < ±1.5dB (30Hz to 4.2MHz)
Differential Gain < 4%
Differential Phase < 4 degrees
Chroma/Luminance Delay Meets FCC group delay requirement
Input Level 250mV min. for +25kHz deviation
Input Impedance 600ohms unbalanced
Frequency Response < +1.5dB (50Hz to 15kHz)
Pre-Emphasis 75 Microseconds
Stereo Specifications PDI-5061MS ONLY
Frequency Response 20Hz to 14kHz + 1dB
Separation 27dB 20 Hz to 14kHz Typical
Pilot Rejection 50dB
Signal to Noise Ratio 65dB, Overall Through Expander & Receiver
Audio Input Impedance 600ohms Unbalanced
Nominal Input Level (APL) 0dBm, Adjustable + 10dB
Distortion 0.5% Maximum THD
Voltage 80-250Vac, 60Hz
Operating Temperature -10deg. C to +50deg. C
Dimensions 19"L x 13"D x 5¼"H
Weight 32 pounds
Fittings All "F"
Rear Panel Connections:
RF Output F female
Video Input F female
Audio Input F female
IF Loop F female
Harness Connector 5 pin
Front Panel Controls:
UP/DOWN Channel Select
RF Output Level
Aural Carrier Level
Video Modulation Depth
Audio Deviation
Menu Set
Front Panel Indicators:
Power On LEDS
3 Digit Channel Number
Led Display
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