The PDI-60SF 60dBmV output video and audio modulator offer the user a high degree of performance and flexibility for very nominal cost. The PDI-60SF is fixed frequency for any CATV channel from 2 to 134. It is PLL controlled with SAW filtering. This offers stable performance and allows maintenance free adjacent channel configuration. It has a composite IF Loop which allows encoder and video override applications. Its video dynamic range insures 87.5% modulation depth over a wide video input range. The power supply used is a high efficiency switching mode unit. It works over a wide voltage and frequency input range eliminating the need for additional voltage regulating equipment. For a low cost cut to channel modulator, the PDI-60SF would be considered a best buy.

$295.00 per Unit - *Plus Shipping/ Handling
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+60dBmV RF output level
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$295.00 PER UNIT
Phase lock loop frequency control prevents frequency drift
SAW filtering for maintenance free adjacent channel configuration
Excellent video and audio linearity for superior picture quality
BTSC stereo generator plug in, PDI-60SFS model ONLY!
IF loop through for emergency alert or scrambling encoding
Switching mode power supply allows operation worldwide
Plug in power cord allows for any AC plug configuration
Auxiliary AC outlet
Test point for ease of monitoring
UL listed Canada/U.S.
Also available in all PAL configurations
Frequency range 2-134 (54 to 860MHz appointed)
Frequency stability +/- 10KHz (+/- 5KHz for offset channel)
RF output level +60dBmV min.
Spurious >-60dBc
RF level control range 0 to -20dB
Aural carrier control range
-13 to -20dB
Video input level 0.7 to 1.5 Vp-p
Video impedance 75 ohm
Video response +/- 2dB
S/N > 60dB
C/L delay +/- 60ns (meets FCC regulation)
Differential gain < 4%
Differential phase < 3 deg
Audio input level 500mV RMS for +/- 25KHz deviation
Audio impedance 600 ohm unbalanced (10K ohm for stereo mode)
Audio response +/- 1.5dB 50Hz to 16KHz
Pre-emphasis 75Ás defeatable
THD 1% max. @25KHz dev.
Power supply High efficiency switching mode power supply
Input voltage 85 Vac to 265 Vac
Input frequency
47Hz to 63Hz
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