The PDI-60SR-IRD is an economical, microprocessor controlled professional grade satellite receiver designed for cable system operation. The receiver employs a phase locked loop demodulator to provide crisp clear video under weak signal conditions. The descrambler equipped unit has been licensed by General Instrument Corporation to meet all VIDEOCIPHER®RS requirements. The standard 950 to 1750MHz tuning range allows direct compatibility for international CCIR standards. Front panel access to the descrambler module allows quick module identification and easy removal. front panel displays are provided for channel selection, Relative Signal Strength, VC Sync, Bypass and Authorize.

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+60dBmV RF output level
Quantity :
$1,295.00 PER UNIT
RF INPUT - Receives either C-Band or Ku-Band signals from a 950-1450MHz LNB or a 950- 1750MHz LNB
70M Hz IF - The selected RF input signal is converted to a 70MHz Intermediate Frequency
LNB Power - 18Vdc
H/V Switching
Channel Selection
Ku Band Operation
Audio Subcarrier
2 year warranty
UL Listed Canada/U.S.
ISO 9002 certified
Input Impedance 75ohm
Input Frequency Range 950MHz to 1450MHz (C Band) or 950MHz to 1750MHz (Ku band)
Input Level -30 to -60dBm
IF Frequency 70MHz
AFC Range ±4MHz @ 70MHz
IF Bandwidth 27MHz @ -3dB
FM Threshold less than 7dB
Intermodulation -40dB
Spurious Rejection -40dB
Subcarrier Audio
Bandwidth ±250kHz deviation min.
Frequency Response 30 Hz - 15kHz ±1dB
Subcarrier Frequency 6.8MHz preset or 5 - 8.5MHz (tunable)
Impedance 600 ohm (unbalanced)
Dynamic Range 80dB S/N
De-emphasis 75 microseconds
Base band Audio
Frequency Response ±0.25dB (20Hz - 15kHz)
Dynamic Range 80dB S/N
THD less than 0.5%
Output Level +17dBm max.
Format NTSC Negative sync
Output Impedance 75ohm
Video Output Level 1.0 Vp-p minimum (@ 10.75MHz deviation)
Video S/N Ratio 52dB weighted @ 14dB CNR
Video Polarity Standard or Inverted
Differential Gain less than 5% (10-90 APL)
Differential Phase less than 5° (10-90 APL)
Lum/Chrom IMD less than 2 IRE
Lum/Chrom Gain Inequality ± 5 IRE max
Video Frequency Response ±0.5dB, 30 Hz - 4.2MHz
Bandwidth 4.2MHz
Clamping 40dB
De-emphasis CCIR REC 405-I
Composite Video ±0.5dB, 30Hz to 8.5MHz
Input Power 108-125 Vac 50/60Hz
V/H Control +5 Vdc/-5 Vdc
LNB Supply Voltage Switchable +18 Vdc
Operating Temperature -10° to 60° C
Dimensions 19" L x 13-5/8" D x 3-1/2" H
Weight 15.4 Ibs.
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