Passive Devices' PDI-60ENC Scrambling Encoder offers the CATV operators a cost effective method for providing premium channel security. Utilizing a new design, the PDI-60ENC injects two specially modulated jamming carriers into the composite IF loop of the television modulator or processor. These jamming carriers have both AM and FM characteristics which scramble the video and place an annoying noise in the audio. Decoding filters unscramble the channel by removing the jamming carriers.

$390.00 per Unit - *Plus Shipping/ Handling
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+60dBmV RF output level
Quantity :
$390.00 PER UNIT
Pre-Emphasis amplifier
High spectral purity (-60dBc)
Adjustable output level
Auxiliary AC outlet
Cool operation
Brushed aluminum face plate
Low cost
2 year warranty
UL Listed Canada/U.S.
ISO 9002 certified
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