PDI Communications' PDI-60APD is a professional quality, user friendly, SAW filtered, High Definition TV signal processor designed primarily to feed 8VSB digital broadcast signals through a cable system to television receivers or interface converters able to decode the signal. Rock solid PLL controlled tuning by advanced microprocessor insures precise UHF, VHF or CATV channel access. Careful design of the input achieves a wide dynamic range and very low noise figure. Input tuning covers the range of 54 to 860 MHz. The agile output ranges from 54 to 860MHz and is controlled by another PLL circuit with 12.5 or 25 kHz offsets. Both the input and output channels have non-volatile memories that restore the channels automatically in the event of a power failure. SAW filtering guarantees broadcast quality pictures. An external IF loop is available on the rear of the unit enabling the processor to serve as a digital up converter in high speed internet CMTS and other digital systems.

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• +55dBmV RF output with very low spurious response
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$995.00 PER UNIT
Microprocessor controlled PLL tuning for precise frequency control
Non-volatile memories restore channels after a power failure
Externally selectable FCC offsets for ease of operation
User friendly channel selection by push-button
Professional grade SAW filters allow true adjacent channel operation
Loop-through for external IF insertion
134 channel up converter for flexibility
Auxiliary AC convenience outlet
2 year “no-hassle” warranty
Input Frequency Range 54 to 860MHz
Input Channels UHF, VHF, and CATV
Input Level Range -10 to +20dBmV, (0 to +10dBmV recommended)
Noise Figure 7.5dB @ VHF
10dB @ UHF
Impedance 75ohms
Output Frequency 54 to 860MHz
Frequency Stability +5kHz max.
Output Offsets 0, 12.5kHz and 25kHz
Spurious Output -60dBc
Group Delay Response Meets FCC requirements
Frequency Response ±1dB max. in channel
IF Frequency 45.75MHz Picture
41.25MHz Sound
IF Output Level +18dBmV +2dB
IF IN/OUT Impedance 75ohms (14dB return loss min.)
VSB Response > -60dB typical (at adjacent picture and sound)
Power Requirements 117 VAC +10%, 60Hz, 28 W
Temperature Range 0 to +50 degrees C
Dimensions 19“ x 1½“ x 12¾“
Rear Panel Connections All "F" Female
AC Convenience 3 Cond.
Polarized w/Ground
Front Panel Controls RF Output Level Adjust
Output Offset Adjust
Input Channel Set
Output Channel Set
Test Point -30dBc
Front Panel Indicators Input Channel, Red Digital Display
Output Channel, Red Digital Display
Power On, Red LED
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