The PDI-SE-1 stereo encoder, utilizing new technology, offer the CATV system operator low cost, user friendly ways to upgrade existing channels for BTSC Stereo. They will work with most CATV video modulators. Incorporated in the unit is dbx ® licensed companding giving the subscriber rich SURROUND SOUND Stereo. Balancing of stereo signals from any local source is easily accomplished using front panel controls and deviation meters. The PDI-SE-1 requires only 1 3/4" of rack space to hold either one or two encoders.

$399.00 per Unit - *Plus Shipping/ Handling
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Left and right level control
Quantity :
$399.00 PER UNIT
LED metering
licensed companding
Baseband or optional 4.5MHz output
Requires just 1 3/4? of rack space
2 year warranty
UL Listed Canada/U.S.
ISO 9002 certified
Frequency Response 20HZ to 14kHZ +/- 1dB
Separation 26dB 20HZ to 14kHZ typical
Pilot Rejection 50dB
Signal To Noise Ratio 65dB, overall through receiver or precision demodulator
Compressor L-R: dbx®
Audio Input Impedance 100 kohms, Balanced or Unbalanced
Normal Input Level (APL)0 dBM, adjustable +/- 10dB
Distortion 0.5% maximum TDH
Output Level 3.5Vp-p at 600 ohms
Deviation ±25kHz, mono
±50kHz, stereo
±100kHz, maximum
4.5MHz Option
Output Level 40dBmV (adjustable ±10dB)
Spurious Output -60dBc
Frequency Tolerance ±0.0025%
Dimensions 18" x 1 3/4" x 6 1/2"
Power Requirement 105-125VAC, 50-60Hz, 15W
Weight 5 lb. net

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